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City Bees

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City Bees developed from a desire to live more sustainably, for more information visit our other website click here

Brilliant Bees

City Bees are Vita Bee Distributors and can now supply, at competative prices, Vita Bee health products range including Apiguard, Apishield Hornet Floors and Certan Wax moth contro and the Bee Gym.


City Bees are running Beekeeper Experience Days again this year in Plymouth, if you would be interested in finding out more about bees or are thinking of keeping bees please give us a call on 01752 516619

Gift Vouchers Available.


Public talks on Brilliant Bees and Urban Sustainable Living, give me a cal if you run a club or organisation and are interested in booking me for a fun and informative talk.


2017 Tuckers Seeds of Newton Abbot  have kindly donated  wild flower seeds again this year which will be included in every Adoption Collection.  Plant these in your garden to encourage pollinating insects and wild birds.The Tuckers  wild flower collection include 37 different wild flowers !


PDF list of plants that bees like


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Member of the BBKA  British Beekeeping Association

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 Bees are vital

for  pollinating flowers and food crops.

If bees die out people will have to pollinate

by hand

Welcome to City Bees

We are a  not for profit voluntary initiative, set up to help look after all types of bee. Spring and summer we  rescue honey and bumble bees in and around Plymouth. The swarms we rescue are given a new home and looked after. (sadly 80% of swarms not rescued will die in their first winter).

Bee numbers are declining year on year. Threatened by Varroa  mite, herbicides, pesticides, climate change and habitat loss.

You can help bees through the Adopt a Hive  program.

Purchacing a gift voucher and by planting flowering plants.

Bumble Bee Nest Relocation

In 2015 we rescued dozens of colonies of bumble bee nest living in old bird boxes. Each was relocated to a safe place to live out their lives.

We can remove & relocate these bees (usually, if in a bird box,)  

to a safe  site. We charge £40 for a wall mounted bird box and £70 if in a bird table nest box.( these are much harder to relocate.

Call use on 07919 896964

How You Can Help

You can adopt a hive in one of our apairies, the 'Adopt a Hive' program is designed to support our honey bee swarm rescue and rehome. It also help provide a free schools education service.


Learm More About Bees

Beekeeper Experience days and half days are designed for those who want to find out more about bees. A hive visit is included with full protective clothing provided and sessions on 'life in the hive' mead tasting, beewax info  and amazing facts about bees and much more.

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